Nothing in this world comes without any problems or hurdles, like the saying goes, to get some you’ve got to give some. Businesses, in particular startups, face a great deal of challenges that’s why only those that succumb through the hardships actually grow out of the startup phase and grow to become fully functioning businesses.

Entrepreneurs often face the grueling realities of managing a business, from the moment that they initiate the business idea, the road to success is full of thorns. Here are some common challenges faced by startups and how entrepreneurs tackle such affairs.



A major problem faced by all businesses and startups alike are financial matters. Money brings money and small businesses for one need a lot of it. It all starts with seed capital, to get your business started. Getting the ball rolling, is one of the most difficult tasks a small business owner is entrusted to do. Most entrepreneurs rely on angle investors, though these investors only prefer investing in lucrative businesses.


Still, the largest chunk of financing depends on loans from friends and family members. Even if it is a loan, or an investment the money cycle still needs to be tracked, and projected in a way so that it is self-explanatory to you as well as your investors.

Being a business owner you probably do not have time to conduct bookkeeping, that is where financial services such as Monily come in handy.



Hiring is another problem that small business owners regularly face that is the hiring process. The right people for the right job, is almost never met. When it comes to small businesses, they can barely afford to train and groom them only to have them fail at getting the job done.


Hiring at any category especially a financial consultant is something that requires great trust from the small business owners, as well as takes a larger chunk of company money. Even though they are essential for a business to run properly.

As a small business owner it is best if you outsource as many departments as you can, only till your business has grown big enough to afford in-house accommodation, as well as a regular salary structure. Outsourcing departments such as production and financial consultancy through online service providers such as Monily can certainly prove financially beneficial to small businesses and owners alike.


Bookkeeping and Taxation

Small business owners have a multitude of tasks aligned for them every day. They have to look over the production of the products or services being offered, maintain client relationship and also manage finances. Almost all business owners in the states find tax preparation and bookkeeping as the most excruciating part of the job. Having a CPA manage the accounts and books of your business as well as the day to day transactions, update your accounts regularly and also get you tax ready and pay them for you elevated productivity and reduces stress for small business owners.


Concluding thoughts

The 21st century has seen an exponential rise in entrepreneurs, millennials do not intend to follow the 9-5 culture of the previous generations, and hence a lot more ideas and businesses are starting up all around. However, everything shines is not always gold; so is the case with business. You only get to know of the struggle once you are in it. For every small business that is starting up, getting all of the work outsourced is highly profitable, especially finance and accounts department if outsourced to bookkeeping and taxation companies such as Monily, can result in a lot of money saved.


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