When it comes to startups, accountants are generally shunned away. Startup owners usually think of taking up accountants as an additional expenditure which they would rather incur when they are big enough and would have a greater requirement to use their services. Traditional accountants and modern online accountants differ extensively, especially when it comes to cost savings.

What many small business owners fail to sometimes see is that, an online accounting firm can actually reduce expenses and also help them in terms of tax preparation and managing the business’s revenue flows. Here are five reasons why your startup needs an online accountant today:

Cost Effective

Spending less making more, is the objective of every business. Just like any other consultant; accountants are not very light on a startup’s budget. They have their hourly rates, desk space cost, and additional reoccurring monthly expenses that you and your business are probably just not ready to handle at this stage. However, the internet has made everything a lot more accessible, from news, to television shows to even the largest retail store in the world (Amazon). Things have become more affordable and accessible with less transaction time through it.


The same is the case with online accountants, they are another blessing, courtesy of the internet. Instead of spending thousands of dollars every month on expert startup accountants you can hire a team of accountants at a fraction of the actual cost. Firms like Monily specializes in handling all sorts of bookkeeping, taxation and overall complete accounting needs that startups require from accountants.

Less Hassle

Having to manage your books on your own, every day or every other week is a hassle. New business owners and entrepreneurs are already juggling a bundle of tasks throughout the day which barely leaves them time to rest. Let alone spend additional hours figuring out expenses, managing payrolls, updating books and getting the business tax ready. An online accounting firm can handle the entire mess of your books, update your accounts, manage all your balance sheets, streamline financial expenditures and update you on your spending as well as business financials on a weekly or daily basis.


24/7 connectivity

When you work through online accounting firms such as Monily, you get added ease in connecting to your financial data at the touch of a fingertip. Graphs and sheets that are impeccably kept, replacing physical books, lets you read and understand time critical data. Your accountant is just a tap away, whether it is to schedule an out of routine financial consultation call or if it is to ask for clarifications with regards to all your business-centric data.


Unlike traditional accountants, an online accounting firm for startups will manage, update and upkeep all your information virtually.

Greater Quality Assurance

Instead of being dependent on a single accountant and his/her abilities to work your numbers right, when you get an online accounting company, to take care of your number crunching needs. That means, that there is an entire service business, giving you the best service available within the marker. This entitles your accounts and books to always be up to date, thoroughly inspected, completely eliminating all human error that might occur when there is just one person looking at your books.


This also eliminates the risk of your business’s crucial information spilling out, since you have an entire accounting firm at your back with stringent security protocols in operations, data communication and data storage.

Enhanced output

With a more streamlined accounting process through a dedicated team of financial experts virtually connected to you at all times you get better results with regards to money management.


There is not a doubt that all startups need accounting services to improve and boost their business. However, having an online accountant doesn’t just fulfill the need of having good financial management, it also helps the startup save up on expenses through reduced rates, improvement in business processes and getting the business tax-ready.

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