The era of technology changes everything, with innovations coming faster than the rotation of the earth around the sun. Businesses that fail to connect with the rapid changes are seen to lose the battle for the top. Changes are happening all around us, with innovation changing the way people as customers perceive value as well as manage increasing expectations. The world of ecommerce has creates first movers advantages for everyone, on a repeatedly frequent bases. Innovation in the ecommerce sector is like a storm, if businesses fight it, they drown; those that ride it come out on top. Here is a list of trends that are only to grow in the world of ecommerce.

Seamless integration

A unified business front is imperative for all businesses. Just like in the brick and mortar business models, all store outlets have the same front and the same consistent ambiance. Similarly, ecommerce businesses need to project a unified front that means all of your stores should be integrated throughout all ecommerce platforms. The content of your stores needs to be appropriately synchronized which is major trend being followed through 2017 and will continue to solidify throughout this year. Your video ad campaigns should also represent uniformity through all of the advertisement channels that you might be employing. Seamlessly integrating all of your business fronts to project a similar representation of what your business stands for.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

The first rule of marketing driven sales is what is visible sells, what the generation Z, X and millennials can’t see and experience before purchase predominantly affects their pre-purchase decision-making. Technological advancements have made virtual reality and augmented reality become more than just a cool feature to add in games. Augmented reality stores are already becoming a reality and for businesses, dealing in products their inadaptability into such system could mean the end of their life cycle. Just like all innovation, the market of today immediately becomes dependent upon the latest features.


An augmented reality store enables its products to be virtually experienced and seen, which greatly drifts consumer pre-purchase behavior from reluctant to an absolute sale.

For businesses, offering services to consumers experience is everything that matters. Consumers judge a service by the experience and the VASs (Value Added Services) that they receive from the service providers. Here is where virtual reality can become a game changer during 2018. For such businesses, having their consumers experience their services first hand could make the difference between the everyday typical businesses to a uniquely positioned business. However, this USP would not last for a very long time as other businesses would be quick to follow, yet a first mover’s advantage is evidently up for grabs.



The internet has evolved greatly from just being a means to end, serving solely communication apparatuses. The internet of things is bringing huge changes especially for Ecommerce businesses; smart appliances will soon be able to make recalled purchases. Such as your smart refrigerator will soon be able to order the next stalk of milk, eggs and even bacon when it senses a shortage. Smart consumer appliances should be integrated with all product-based businesses, by placing RFIDs that can be recognized and smartly re-ordered through advanced automation systems, similar to those in place in Supply Chain Management of stores.


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