A payroll is system is a method of organizing the payment of employees and managing the way salaries are distributed. Small business owners generally take care of payroll systems on their own, or through a consulting CPA. Businesses need a working payroll system that is cost effective to them as well as being accurately maintained and all income taxes are correctly calculated and submitted to the federal and state tax governing bodies. A payroll is a complicated process for anyone other than a certified public accountant. In this article, we discuss the benefits of having a payroll system and a team that can manage it thoroughly for you.

Constituents of Payroll

A payroll is a mixture of these key components, which make a payroll this complicated to create and maintain.


Gross Wages

The total amount of money paid to each employee before any deductions are the gross wages of your business. Gross wages is the total amount that your employee receives at the end of each pay month.



Benefits, such as provident funds, retention money, health insurance and transportation allowances are paid by the business; a portion of them however is deducted from their salaries. These deductions are taken out of the gross wages, which also needs to be stated in the payroll system, as they are reviewed during audits.


Social Security

An employees’ share of social security and Medicare payments are deducted from the gross salary as well. Along with any other deductions required by the state or federal laws.


Tax Withholdings

Employers through the payroll system also withhold employees’ taxes shares. As well as depending on the state and city, local taxes are added in to the mix.


The amount paid to employees after all of these deductions is called the net pay or net income for the employees. Through an advanced payroll system, all of these confusing calculations and time consuming paper work can be taken care of by a professional CPA.

Managing Payroll

If you thought the constituents of a payroll were a handful, managing them is an entirely different and further complexes the management of a payroll system. Payroll taxes and income taxes are both calculated and paid for separately to federal and state authorities. In order for each of these to be managed properly, they need to be calculated and maintained independently. For small businesses to achieve a proper maintenance of these two taxes, a certified public accountant. However, CPA’s are very expensive, the most economically beneficial way for small businesses to get their entire payroll maintained, and taxes filed properly through the employment of businesses such as Monily.


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