Ever since the inception of the 21st century the world has become fully focused towards going digital. Hundreds of millionaires have found their fortunes through the internet, either by selling services and products or through internet fame. Today’s e-commerce is the most lucrative business models to get into, though a lot depends on how you execute your business. Setting up an e-business is not the most difficult of tasks, especially if you have someone managing and handling your business through years of experience and a heavy client portfolio such as Arturo Digital.

The holiday season is most lucrative time of the year for business to cash in on the most that they can. Everyone is walking around with a bunch of cash in their hands ready to spend it on anything that clicks with them.


In order for you to get the most out of this holiday season, we asked some of the best minds in the ecommerce industry to give us tips that have worked for them in the past. We had the founder and president of Dotmailer, Tink Taylor, to share with us his expert advice on what should businesses do when getting ready for the holiday season.

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