The application industry has had a huge boost since the access to technology has engulfed the masses of the population across the world. Multi-million dollar businesses are born solely through applications; such as Snapchat.

A cross platform app development is the process of building an application in a way that it is adaptable through multiple platforms and is easily launched in all major application systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.


This article discusses the advantages of cross-platform application development.

Reduced Costs

The biggest problem that businesses face is finances, in a similar manner mobile application services are costly too. However, this cost can be greatly reduced by cross platform mobile application development. This happens due to the reduced coding and execution time, as well as ease of marketing through multiple channels simultaneously.


Since programmers or coders spend less time writing individual codes for applications across different platforms the per hour cost also decreases. Having hybrid coding or cross platform apps a lot more affordable. The purchasing of multiple tools to individually code for platforms is another primary factor in the reduction of prices.

Reduced coding time

Application development’s time varies greatly, depending on a bunch of factors including the complexity of the app and the number of features included in it. Before cross platform development, individual codes for each independent platform had to be written separately, tested and brought to market. With the advancements of tools, and swing ability between platforms, the time to develop and launch an application has been gravely reduced which also has a huge impact on the cost of development.


The reduction in time, also highlights when the application is in its testing phase, enabling businesses to test and launch them at a quicker pace. This has also reduced repetitive coding, where codes similar between platforms do not have to be re-written and can be used multiple times.

Easier Implementation

The ease of coding is reflected in to the implementation phase as well, where updates or changes on an application can be made for all mobile devices easily, by simply adjusting the new updates through all platforms. Mobile App Development services offered by places such as Arturo Digital ensure that your application is created at a faster rate and have reduced costs as well. Making sure that it is implemented through all platforms in the manner that your business had projected it to be. Multitudes of tools are at today’s developers’ reach through which the accurate development can be done, ensuring optimal implementation.


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