2991 candidates have been invited by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in the Express Entry pool to apply for permanent residence in the second draw which is expected to take place in August.

Candidates scoring Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points of 433 or higher will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) as a result of the draw which took place on August 9. The CRS threshold has been the lowest as observed since May since after the implementation of the recent amendments in June with regard to the introduction of additional points for French speakers and candidates with a sibling in Canada.

All the three draws that had previously took place after the recent changes had a CRS cut-off threshold in 440’s. A longer gap between the draws determines that more candidates will be able to enter the pool. The recent draw quickly followed the previous draw that took place on August 2, which is exactly a week ago. This resulted in a decrease in the CRS cut-off threshold.

*Note: Draws of May 26 invited provincial nominees with a minimum CRS score of 775, and candidates in the Federal Skilled Trades Class with a minimum score of 199.


Following the draw of August 9, the total number of ITAs issued stands at 125,587 since Express Entry was launched in January 2015. Of these, 60,742 have been issued so far this year which is greater than the total number of ITAs issued last year altogether.

*Note: Draws of May 26 invited provincial nominees with minimum 775 CRS score, and candidates in the Federal Skilled Trades Class with a minimum score of 199.


Getting an Invitation to Apply

The Express Entry pool includes diverse candidates who may be eligible to obtain an ITA which would allow them to apply for permanent residence. Some of the hypothetical scenarios described below showcase how various candidates were able to obtain an ITA. The principal applicant can be accompanied with their family members who may include spouses, common-law partners and even dependent children. IRCC aims to process applications within six months.

Ayesha, a 30 years old applicant, has been working as a graphic designer for three years. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree and recently appeared for IELTS, scoring 8 in each category. She has never worked or studied in Canada. Her 433 would be adequate to obtain an ITA following the latest draw.


Maham is 33 years old and has been working as a teacher for five years. She is a Masters graduate and obtained an advanced English proficiency. Her husband, Sol is a businessman, but his highest level of completed education is high school and he has an intermediate proficiency in English. Their CRS score of 436 would have been sufficient to receive an ITA to Immigrate to Canada.

Yasir is 40 and has been serving as a university professor for five years. He has a Master’s degree and an advanced English proficiency. Following the draw on August 9, his CRS score of 436 would make him eligible to apply for Permanent Residence to Canada.

Hamza and Beenish are husband and wife, and both of them completed their Bachelor’s degrees in Ontario, Canada. Both are 35 years old and have been working as consultants since graduating school in May, 2016. Both have a high intermediate proficiency in English. Ronaldo obtained three years of work experience managing a restaurant before studying n Canada. Their score of 436 would have been sufficient to obtain an ITA.


How low may the CRS score go?

IRCC is ensuring necessary updates are made and now we may observe regular draws and a further decrease in the CRS cut-off scores. Despite the reduction in the cut-off threshold, Express Entry will remain to be the major driving factor of economic immigration to Canada. Candidates in the pool may improve their ranking and those who aren’t in the pool may evaluate their eligibility initially.

The CRS Calculator

The CRS Calculator is a tool that allows you to determine what your score would be under the Comprehensive Ranking System.


Assessment of Eligibility:

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