Canada shares outstanding ties with other countries and same is the case between Canada and Antigua. Canada and Antigua and Barbuda share outstanding ties that are rooted in history. This partnership between Canada and Antigua and Barbuda still remains despite a few changes made to the condition of visa-free travel by the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Canada still remains firmly committed to its partnership with Antigua and Barbuda and values working together on the mutual challenges faced by both the countries and the opportunities that they get.

After carefully monitoring the integrity of Antigua and Barbuda’s document requirements for travel purposes, the Government of Canada has determined that the small Caribbean nation, which has a population of less than 100,000, no longer meets Canada’s criteria for a visa exemption hence the citizens of Canada cannot any longer do immigration to Canada visa free from Antigua and Barbuda.

As of June 27, 2017, citizens from Antigua and Barbuda will need a visa to travel to Canada. At that time, any existing electronic travel authorization (eTA) issued to any individual who is an Antigua and Barbuda passport holder will no longer be valid and these travelers will not be able to use their eTA to immigrate to Canada. The Government of Canada is sending emails to all affected eTA holders to inform them that their eTAs are no longer valid and that they will need a visa to travel to Canada.


While the government’s official press release did not elaborate on this point. The recent media reports have highlighted that the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program allows international investors and their families to obtain citizenship, and therefore a passport, for either a contribution of $200,000 USD, or a real estate investment of $400,000 USD, or an investment into a business of $1,500,000.

‘Canada continues to welcome visitors from Antigua and Barbuda, while protecting the integrity of our immigration system and ensuring the safety of Canadians,’ stated the government in a press release.

The applicants who has approved visa typically receive a multiple-entry visa. This visa allows them to visit Canada as many times as they wish, for a period up to 10 years. For each visit that an applicant makes to Canada, visa holders may stay for up to six months.


The government states that most visa applications (about 80 percent) are processed within 14 days. Individuals with travel arrangements to come to Canada before July 11 will be treated on a priority basis at the visa office in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, the closest visa office to Antigua and Barbuda. Alternatively, applicants may also apply for a visa online as of June 27.

However the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda working or studying in Canada need not to return back immediately. They can continue to stay in Canada for as long as they are authorized to do so, on their work or study permit. Study and work permits, as well as visitor records, remain valid. However, such individuals who plan to travel outside Canada and then re-enter will need to apply for a visa to return to Canada since then the condition will apply on them.

In the lifetime of the current Liberal government, a number of countries have actually moved from being visa-required to visa-exempt (at least for some citizens, depending on their previous travel history to Canada and country of citizenship). Such instances include Brazil, Romania, Bulgaria, and Mexico.


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Meta Description: Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda will require visas to travel to Canada in less than 24 hours.